Fulton County Board of Elections seeks inspectors

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Elections has launched a recruitment campaign for additional election inspectors.

According to a news release, the board reports it has lost many inspectors for three reasons: older inspectors are retiring; many electors are fearful of working side by side with unvaccinated co-workers; and the stipend is currently below minimum wage.

In response the BOE has done the zzfollowing:

• The BOE staff is asking that all election inspectors, vaccinated or not, to wear masks.

• BOE staff is asking high school principals to help it recruit high school students to serve as paid inspectors.

• The BOE is asking substitute teachers to serve as election inspectors.

• And the BOE staff has asked the Fulton County Board of Supervisors to increase the election inspector stipend to $16 an hour.

Anyone interested in serving as an election inspector this fall should call the board office at 518-726-5526.

By Paul Wager