Meeting Minutes: Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club, Oppenheim Seniors

Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club

CAROGA — The meeting Aug. 17 was called to order by Mary Lou Paterson, president at 12:30. Mary Lou Paterson read an inspirational reading. Everyone said the Our Father and the Pledge of allegiance to flag was made. Hello neighbor was said.

The Secretary’s report was given by Janice McLaughlin. A motion to accept by Linda Rhinehart and seconded by MaryLou Paterson. The report was accepted.

Treasurer’s report was given by Barbara MacFee With several checks sent out: $50, North Bush Church; and also a check for $124. The final balance was $3,228.57.

The hospitality report was given by Jean Griffin a beginning balance of $22.85 and ending balance of $31.85. Refreshments for the next meeting Sept. 21 will be donated by Beverly Briggs, Janice McLaughlin and Dottie Richeson.

Sunshine report was given by Marie Shoop with a balance of $15.75 after sending out two birthday cards and 1 sympathy card and purchasing 50 stamps at the lower current rate of $27.50

There was no new membership or pen pal report given.

The trip report was given by Grace Eglin. There will be no more trips this year. The trip to Lake Champlain was noted to be a good time, great scenery and food. It was noted that 41 people went on the trip. It was also noted that the bus was new and easier to get on.

There was a note from Hailey Waddell to thank the club for the scholar gift. There will be a letter sent to the music to thank for the picnic, a news release said.

A letter is being sent to the town board of the town of Caroga regarding the large reduction of the amount budgeted for the Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club as well as the major reduction in the summer children’s program. The group voted and approved the content of the letter, and all will sign.

It was mentioned that the drive through picnic for the office of the aging is being held on Sept. 29. Also, Marion Snell will be attending her 65 Johnstown class reunion.

Motion to adjourn was made by Marie Shoop and seconded by Kathy Powell. The meeting adjourned. There were 20 members present and two guests.

The 50/50 raffle netted the club $11. $5.50 was won by Marion Snell and Grace Eglin.

The annual auction was held after the meeting was closed. It was fun for all and netted the club $241.

Oppenheim Seniors

OPPENHEIM — The Oppenheim Seniors met Aug. 2 for the first covered dish/meeting this year.

Joan Mowers opened with the blessing. There was a pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Darlene Paul read from the Indian book.

We had a moment of silence for the passing of two members, Betty Lamphere and Erma Voorhees.

We had a most enjoyable trip to Lake George on Aug. 19 and will go to lunch on Aug. 30 for our 5th Monday Lunch.

On Sept. 7, Daphne Sedrow from the Fulton County Office of the Aging will come and explain the details of the OFA drive-thru to be held at our meeting place on Sept. 15.

By Paul Wager