Council to consider parking, sign issues

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council will hold a regular meeting Tuesday night with two resolutions planned for public hearings in February to prohibit parking on Monroe Street and place a stop sign on West Fulton Street at its intersection with Rose Street.

During the last council meeting, Mayor Dayton King said many residents have been complaining about limited space for traffic to get through on Monroe Street and complaints about the West Fulton and Rose Street intersection needing to be stop sign instead of a yield.

“Every winter people call and ask that signs be temporarily posted on one side because the street gets really narrow so cars can’t get through,” First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said.

There is also a resolution included to place the sale of a property owned by the city at 42 Steele Avenue out to bid to the public for a minimum of $2,000.

The house on the property was destroyed during a fire and the lot it stood on will now go to the highest bidder.

Commissioner of Finance Bruce VanGenderen will discuss an ice-skating rink sign to be placed at Littauer Field.

“Matt Sherman and I purchased a small sign already, and we will just be getting a reimbursement back for that,” Recreation Commission member Jared Hammond said. “It came out really well.”

He said the sign is made of a cardboard material and is about 4 feet in size that can attach to any structure easily.

The council also will look to pass a resolution to appoint public accountants Whittemore, Dowen & Ricciardelli LLP to conduct the 2012 city audit and authorize the mayor to execute the letter of engagement.

DPW Director Kevin Jones will discuss the former Water Department Building on Third Avenue.

The city Water Department relocated in December from Third Avenue to a central location on South Main Street. In the spring, the department plans to move the offices out of City Hall to that location, which will serve as the central office of the city Water Department.

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