Fonda bridge demolition plan moves ahead

FONDA-After months of delay, the demolition of the old Route 30A bridge over the CSX railroad tracks has been approved by the consultants to oversee the matter.

According to New York State Department of Transportation Region 2 spokesman Jim Piccola, AECOM, an industrial company representing CSX Railways for the demolition, recently accepted plans for the demolition.

This was the fifth plan sent to AECOM by Tioga Construction, the company that built the new bridge next to the old one and is contracted to demolish the old bridge, Piccola said.

The previous plans were disregarded by AECOM.

“As Tioga submitted their demolition plans, different things popped up and questions were asked,” Piccola said.

Officials still need to establish a demolition starting date.

Piccola said a major concern of CSX and AECOM was falling debris that could damage train tracks or trains below.

Flaggers will warn trains about the demolition during the project.

Piccola said a meeting between the representatives of AECOM, CSX, DOT and Tioga could occur next week.

The removal of the concrete deck and steel parts may take four to six weeks, Piccola said. The process would begin with the removal of the load deck, followed by girders and concrete abutments.

The demolition could take place this winter, Piccola said.

The majority of the work on the new bridge was completed in the fall.

Demolition of the old bridge will mark the end of the $5.3 million project, which began in 2011.

Workers have a few final tasks to complete on the new bridge.

During the summer, while construction was ongoing, the main road through Fonda often had traffic jams. Some residents reported in July having to wait 20 minutes or more to make a trip through the village.

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