National Guard soldiers to be honored Sunday

GLOVERSVILLE – The soldiers of the Gloversville Armory-based New York Army National Guard’s Company C, 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment will be honored for their service Sunday.

The soldiers will receive awards and tokens of recognition of their service at the Gloversville High?School auditorium at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

The “Freedom Salute” ceremony and will also include a change of command, as Capt. Dermot Gavin takes command of the company from Capt. Shawn Tabankin.

The 108th has units located across upstate New York, and was responsible for training and assisting members of the Afghan National Security Forces to secure Highway One from Herat City to Nimroz Province in western Afghanistan.

In 100 days of combat operations in 2012, the 500-soldier Task Force Iron, which includes members of the 108th Infantry Regiment, cleared improvised explosive devices on highway one, conducted 572 combat missions and worked with Italian forces to clear out portions of the Guilistan Valley in the Farah Province, where several bases were cut off from anything but air travel due to insurrgent forces, a news release said.

The majority of Task Force Iron and the men and women that had served in it came back to the United States in late September, the release said.

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