Officials look for funding to build park

BROADALBIN – Town officials made strides late in 2012 to get the now 13-year-old proposed town park project moving.

However, they also suffered a setback late last year when they didn’t receive an expected $500,000 grant from the state.

Town Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo found out the town would not get the grant about two months ago. He said the town will have to look at other options for funding the estimated $1.5 million project, including borrowing the money and relying solely on fundraising.

“It’s going to slow [the project] down again,” DiGiacomo said. “We were really hoping to get the grant and get it going. We do have other avenues we’re looking at. We’re looking at possibly borrowing the money. That’s just a concept now. It’s not a resolution.”

Fundraising efforts have resulted in $100,000 so far. DiGiacomo said the town will have to continue with that line of funding.

The Route 29 and Honeywell Corners Road site will undergo a state-required archaeological site survey this summer.

DiGiacomo said he hopes the survey will make the grant a possibility again.

“I think the archaeological process will help because then we’ll be shovel-ready once that’s done and behind us,” he said.

Because the grant was not secured, the Broadalbin Youth Commission has decided to not pay for the principal cost of the project, which is expected to cost $500,000.

Town officials won’t know for certain where the money is going to come from until after the site survey.

DiGiacomo said regardless of what happens, the taxpayers won’t have to pay for the cost.

“We’ve had quite a bit of support for it. [The community] would like to have it done,” he said. “[And] we’ve committed to not having the tax dollars pay for it, and we’re going to continue with that. I don’t think it should be the taxpayers’ problem. That’s why we’re going to continue with fundraising.”

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