Two new stations to hit airwaves

Local airwaves are becoming a little more crowded with new stations in Speculator and St. Johnsville via WCSS in Amsterdam.

WCSS station owner Joe Tesiero – also owner of Cranesville Block Co. – said he wanted to offer more local stations in the area so residents will have varied avenues to get local news, weather and sports.

“We want a strong positive community. Our core business can only flourish if our community can be strong and flourish,” Tesiero said. “Information throughout history has always been the key to civilization. Without knowing what’s going on, a community can’t grow. It just won’t be there. It’s a family business. I have several friends in Speculator – that’s where I vacation in the summer.

“We really just don’t want a state corporation to come in and give you a cookie cutter station. We do rely on out-of-area DJs, but we use enough local information to make a community station for everybody.”

The Speculator station is already broadcasting at 6,000 watts through WYZS 96.5 FM and plays adult contemporary music.

Tesiero said the station’s music will include 15 percent from current top 40 hits (the easier listening part), 20 percent from this century, 15 percent from the 1990s, 35 percent from the 1980s and some music from the 1970s.

He said the music is targeted at adults from 25 to 54 years old and focuses mainly on the 35 to 44-year-old demographic.

“It’s easy enough listening music that if it’s on in the car, your teenagers won’t give you too hard of a time for listening to it,” Tesiero said.

Station Manager Joe Isabel said it will cater to a younger crowd than the St. Johnsville station, because there are younger listeners in Speculator since it’s a popular ski destination.

He said the two stations are a necessity for listeners in the areas looking for local information.

“Especially with Speculator, they sit between two major markets in Albany and Utica, so they needed something,” Isabel said. “When all the high tech with cellphones and satellites aren’t working, all you need is a little battery to get the radio station.”

The St. Johnsville station, which is expected to begin broadcasting in the next few months, will be WKEJ 1120 AM and will be for fans of the 1970s and surrounding decades of music. Tesiero said it will feature bands and musicians like Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.

The station will play a similar playlist to what WCSS is currently playing, but as time goes on, Tesiero will separate the two stations.

The radio stations, especially WYZS in Speculator, also will give local bands a new media to showcase their talents on both men said.

“For the longest time on WCSS we would have local artists come in and play, and it worked out very well,” Tesiero said. “We’re doing a battle of the bands with Oak Mountain which will feature local artists. We’ll be going live, talking with the artists, playing their songs. Having people there, you get to know the local artists.”

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