Waldron takes over as chairman

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Board of Supervisors held its organizational meeting Wednesday morning, and after a brief Republican caucus, the members elected William Waldron as the chairman of the board.

Waldron, the 4th Ward supervisor in Johnstown and 2012 vice chairman of the board, thanked the other members of the board for giving him the opportunity. He also thanked Michael Gendron for the job Gendron did in 2012 as the chairman.

Waldron said one of his main goals is to keep taxes low.

“Last year, every department came in under the previous year’s budget, so that put us in a pretty good spot,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the $3.5 million mandate increase, we wouldn’t have had a tax increase at all. I’m a taxpayer just like everybody else in this county. I own three pieces of property, and I’m not interested in giving my money away.”

Another important goal, Waldron said, is to continue to strengthen the economic development in the county.

He applauded Gendron’s efforts with regard to strengthening economic development during his time as chairman last year.

“Without economic development, you’re not going to grow jobs,” Waldron said.

Administrative Officer and Clerk of the Board Jon Stead credited Waldron for his knowledge of finance and technology.

“Mr. Waldron has had a lot of experience on our Finance Committee, [and] he has a good background [in] technology,” Stead said. “He may know ways to improve the county technologically. That’s where I expect him to kind of [put] his focus.”

The board members also named the standing committees for 2013 at the organizational meeting.

The chairpersons are as follows:

Buildings and Grounds/Highway, Richard Argotsinger;

Economic Development and Environment, Michael Gendron;

Finance, Jack Callery;

Human Services, Joe DiGiacomo;

Personnel, David Howard;

Public Safety, Linda Kemper.

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