Montgomery County’s sales-tax revenue up

FONDA- Montgomery County’s sales-tax revenue for the fourth quarter of 2012 saw a massive increase compared to 2011, with Treasurer Shawn Bowerman claiming it is one of the best quarters he has seen.

According to information submitted by the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office, every municipality saw an increase in tax revenue except for Fonda, Fort Plain’s Palatine section, and Charleston.

Countywide, the treasurer saw an increase in sales-tax revenue of roughly $230,000 in 2012 compared to 2011. In 2012, the county earned $4.08 million in the fourth quarter, while 2011 brought the county $3.8 million in the fourth quarter.

Bowerman said that it was hard to place a specific reason for why there was such an increase in funds.

However, he said the price of gasoline could be behind the increased revenues. He also said due to the cost of gas, more people may have spent their money locally, allowing the county also to see an increase in sales tax from other purchases.

“It’s the best quarter we’ve had since sales taxes were required,” Bowerman said.

Bowerman is cautiously optimistic for the upcoming quarter.

“I can only hope this trends continues because we did raise the sales-tax amount for the 2013 budget,” Bowerman said.

The 2013 budget has a $650,000 increase in projected sales-tax revenue compared to prior years.

Many villages also saw an increase in sales-tax collections in the fourth quarter.

They included: Fort Johnson, which had its fourth-quarter sales tax go from $15,908 in 2011 to $17,390 in 2012; Hagaman, $59,822 to $63,794; Ames, $6,228 to $6,621; Canajoharie, $95,569 to $103,066; Fort Plain’s section in Canajoharie, $456 to $555; Fultonville, $33,283 to $34,951; Fort Plain’s section in Minden, $66,438 to 71,516; Nelliston, $25,344 to $27,611; Palatine Bridge, $41,355 to $45,117; and St. Johnsville, $42,458 to $44,280.

Only two villages saw a decrease in revenue compared to 2011, with Fonda dropping from $30,418 to $30,242, and Fort Plain’s section in Palatine section going from $52.78 to $52.40.

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