Airport manager may land agreement

JOHNSTOWN – A Fulton County Board of Supervisors committee on Monday recommended The 195 Factory, LLC be granted an additional five-year term as manager of the county airport.

The Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee’s action at the County Office Building followed a closed-door executive session with county Planning Director James Mraz, who has been negotiating the amended agreement for the county. The panel also went into two similar sessions over the airport issue in January and February.

The committee authorized an additional five-year term, with modifications, to the county’s fixed-based operator lease agreement with The 195 Factory. The current FBO agreement expires May 11.

The Finance Committee will consider the extension Thursday, with final approval by the full board anticipated April 8.

William Milton, owner of The 195 Factory, in a Nov. 5 letter to the county, indicated he wanted to renew his lease agreement with certain modifications. The 195 Factory – an aircraft replacement parts manufacturer – manages the Route 67 airport for the county on a daily basis.

A summary of proposed changes to the 2008 lease agreement between the county and the private company shows The 195 Factory may temporarily suspend the sale of jet fuel at the facility due to a lack of sales. The jet fueling facility can be reopened upon mutual consent of The 195 Factory and the county.

The company continues to sell Avgas, which is used by most small aircraft frequenting the airport, Mraz said.

Another change to the agreement would mean instead of fuel being available at certain times on certain days, the system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The 195 Factory also will add a fuel flowage fee of 3 cents per gallon to all Avgas and jet fuel sold, payable to the county in quarterly payments. The company also must provide the county a record of all Avgas and fuel sales on a quarterly basis.

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