County Planning board neutral on Mayfield zoning

JOHNSTOWN -The Fulton County Planning Board on Tuesday saw no regional implications for two proposals to rezone 20 parcels of town of Mayfield land off Route 30.

The board formally voted at the Fort Johnstown Annex to remain neutral on the proposals currently going through the Mayfield Town Board.

County Senior Planner Sean Geraghty said the Mayfield Town Board is reviewing whether to create two local laws involving zoning amendments for properties off Route 30. He said businesses have been proposed for the properties, but details were not released.

In the first of two proposals, Geraghty said the town board is proposing to rezone 11 parcels along the west side of Route 30, north of the village of Mayfield. The parcels would be rezoned from an R-2 residential classification and an RE residential estate classification to a C-1 commercial classification.

Geraghty said the parcel owners – in an area on the west side of Route 30 up to Yates Road – are in favor of the commercial classification.

“Most of them wanted in,” he said. “They said it was all right if they were zoned commercially.”

Whatever development might be sanctioned locally for off of Route 30, board Chairman John Blackmon said the Adirondack Park Agency will probably “have a say” in what is finally put there.

In the second proposal, the town board proposes rezoning nine parcels along the east side of Route 30, west of the village. Those parcels would be rezoned from an R-1 residential classification to a C-1 commercial classification.

Geraghty said this area is where Sand Hill Road comes into Route 30. He said an unidentified man wants to do a commercial project there.

Some of the zoning amendments will be made before the town of Mayfield’s comprehensive plan is in place, Geraghty said.

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