School seeks applications for scholarships from fund

FONDA-Fonda-Fultonville Central School will give out more than $50,000 in scholarship funds, thanks to the interest from a $1.83 million trust fund.

According to Fonda-Fultonville Central School Guidance Counselor Deana Lenz, $51,000 will be split between 10 to 12 graduating students in the class of 2013, thanks to the interest from the Burton & Wemple Scholarship Fund.

Applications have already been released. To qualify, students would need to have an 85 percent cumulative grade-point average. The students also must have attended Fonda-Fultonville for at least the last two calender years.

According to Lenz, financial need will be the main focus of the decision. Applicants also must submit an essay that accentuates the need for the scholarship.

The review process will be completely “blind,” with no names or identifying marks on the students’ information other than an applicant number applied to an essay.

Lenz said they are trying to have the decision be based on need rather than just academic success.

“We are a small school,” Lenz said.

According to Lenz, in the first year of the scholarship, the 2008 class of 115 students had a chance at several scholarships worth $7,000 each. Between 12 and 15 students were picked that year.

The fund was donated to the school by the estate of W. Barent Wemple and Ashley Burton Wemple, who lived in Fonda for a number of years. According to Lenz, W. Barent Whimple graduated from the school in the 1910s

W. Barent Wemple died in the 1970s, and Ashley Burton Wemple died in the 1960s. Hoffman said the money was put into a trust fund under the terms of the Wemples’ will. It stated upon the death of their heirs, the money would be given to the school district. Their son, Frank Wemple, died in November 2006.

Applications for the scholarships can be obtained from the high school guidance office and NBT Bank Trust Department, 52 S. Broad St., Norwich, NY 13815.

The application deadline for scholarships is March 27, according to the application.

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