Two more interested in Gloversville mayor seat

GLOVERSVILLE – Mayor Dayton King, who said he plans to run for re-election in November, will face competition from at least two other candidates.

The city Republican Committee met Thursday, and several people revealed they are interested in office positions in this year’s elections.

Committee member and 6th Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski said Friday that former firefighter Wayne Schermerhorn and current 5th Ward Supervisor Michael A. Ponticello expressed interest in running for mayor.

Schermerhorn served on the Gloversville Board of Education and was president of the city Republican Committee about 20 years ago.

He is a retired battalion chief and signal superintendent of the Gloversville Fire Department.

“I have the experience and leadership capabilities,” Schermerhorn said. “I worked 26 years with the city and worked with grants the city has obtained and have worked with every department in the city over the years.”

Ponticello recently retired after working as principal of McNab-Meco Elementary School in Gloversville.

“I am committed to the process, and hopefully I will be endorsed by the city Republican Committee, and with their endorsement go from there,” Ponticello said. “I am not comfortable unless I get the endorsement of the city Republican Committee.”

King said in February he is planning to run for re-election this year and will seek Independent, Conservative and Republican lines on the ballot.

“In 2009, I ran as a Republican, and I intend to do that this year as well,” King said.

King was elected as an Independent. JoAnne Clear won the primary for the Republican nomination.

“I characterize myself as a mayor for all of the people and don’t want to work only for one party,” King said. “I think anyone [who] wants to endorse me is fantastic, but I didn’t know about this meeting last night. As the incumbent Republican, I think it is quite honestly disrespectful to think that they would invite other people but not send an invitation to me.”

He said being endorsed by the city Republican Committee is basically being endorsed by seven or eight people, “which I do not believe make up the majority of what the Republicans want as we saw in the 2009 election.”

Siarkowski said the Republican Committee will be extending an invite to King and Councilman-At-Large James Robinson, but neither has formally come to the committee seeking its endorsement.

At the Black History Month program at the AME Zion Church, Councilman-At-Large Robinson announced in his speech he will run for re-election for his current seat this year and not for mayor.

Siarkowski said Matt Myers, former 5th Ward councilman, is interested in running for Ponticello’s 5th Ward supervisor position in the coming election as well.

He also said 4th Ward Supervisor Charles Potter announced he would be running for re-election for his supervisor position this year.

Siarkowski said at the next meeting March 21, the committee will continue to interview and listen to the potential mayoral candidates before ultimately deciding to endorse a candidate at a later date.

“We began interviewing candidates last night, and we are still in the process. No decisions have been made,” President of the Republican Committee Karen Smith said Friday morning.

She wouldn’t provide any information on the potential candidates because, “it is up to candidates themselves if they want their names out there.”

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