Council sets hearings on taxi moves

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council will hold a number of public hearings and look to pass several resolutions during its work session Tuesday.

At the last meeting, Joseph Lander of Express Taxi & Chauffeur Services and Jake Spraker of Glove City Taxi discussed with the council how city codes affect their businesses.

Lander said the city Police Department is supposed to inspect the taxis once a month to make sure the cars have working lights and adequate tires, but often it doesn’t happen.

During the last meeting, both owners said if any driver or customer complains about a car, the taxi services take it off the road and immediately address the problem before returning the vehicle to service.

The taxi services proposed the code be removed to improve their business and to eliminate any liability the city could have if the inspections aren’t completed monthly.

However, members of the council and Police Chief Donald VanDeusen said at the last meeting it is in the best interest of the city and its residents if the inspections are done twice a year.

The council scheduled a public hearing to be held at the Tuesday meeting for the proposed change to the City Code.

After the public hearing, the council may amend the City Code.

Fee change

At the last meeting, Lander also brought up another clause in the City Code that refers to the rates the cab services can charge to provide local services to customers.

The existing code sets the rate at $4 for any local call within the city.

However, the taxi service was told by a prior city administration it could charge $6 and that is the rate it has been using.

Lander said considering the price of gas and the city being at least 3 miles wide, it leaves no room to have a profitable business.

Many of the council members agreed limiting the rate a cab service can charge is unreasonable and decided it could be eliminated from the code.

However, a public hearing is necessary before the code can be changed.

The hearing was set for the meeting Tuesday. After the hearing, the council may remove that portion of the code.

Zoning change

City Attorney Anthony Casale told the Common Council during its meeting March 26 that the owners of the former Captain Video building, located at 36 Fourth Ave., would like the zoning of the property to be changed to give them more options for the site.

Casale said the zoning for the side of the street where the building is located is residential, while the opposite side of the street is zoned residential/ commercial.

He said the owners are looking to renovate the building, but if it was renovated for commercial use it would provide more options for the owners.

Since the property is on the border of that zoning district, the city can extend the other zone from across the street, Casale said. He said the zoning move shouldn’t have any negative effect on the other properties.

There will be a public hearing at the meeting regarding these zoning modifications for the following parcels – 36 Fourth Ave., 68 Yale St., 55 Third Ave. and 57 Third Ave.

Asbestos work

Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones also will discuss the asbestos abatement contract at the former Pan American Tannery site with the council.

The council may then look to pass a resolution to solicit sealed bids for the asbestos abatement at the property, located at 312 W. Fulton St.

Jones said the city had an environmental consultant come in to do a survey. The consultant estimated the cost to have the asbestos at the site removed would be $122,000.

The money for the work was set aside years ago, Finance Commissioner Bruce Van Genderen said.

He said after the removal is finished, the city will be able to complete the Pan Am project this year after it demolishes the buildings and installs a soil cap. Jones said the soil cap only will be necessary on the vegetated and exposed soil areas.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. in the council chambers in City Hall.

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