Johnstown school board urged to review its goals

JOHNSTOWN – Greater Johnstown School District officials this week urged the Board of Education to continue to review its goals and see how many can be put into action.

“We’re going to revisit these goals,” district Superintendent Robert DeLilli told the board during its meeting Wednesday at Knox Junior High School.

He said there was a request at the last board session to review the goals and several related ideas. The six original goals were adopted by the board in December 2011.

The goals include empower ing students, faculty and staff to reach or exceed their potential in all aspects of development.

Other goals address nurturing “a culture of encouragement, collaboration, appreciation, creativity, communication, tolerance and respect” and providing a well-rounded educational curriculum that includes the arts, foreign language, business, technology, enrichment, extracurricular and athletic programs in addition to core academic subjects.

“You have set the stage with a great foundation of goals,” DeLilli told the board. He suggested board members take the long, detailed list of goals and subgoals and look at how things can be done differently.

The complete list of goals set by the board can be found under the “Board of Ed” section at

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