Calderwood Road bridge, Noonan Road set for work

PERTH – Road and bridge repairs have been scheduled for this summer, with crews working around Noonan Road and Calderwood Road.

Perth Highway Superintendent Dave Dopp said two different road projects are planned in the town.

First, Noonan Road will be repaved, with roughly 1,300 tons of asphalt expected to complete the project.

A resolution, adopted at Thursday’s Town Board meeting, pays roughly $63 per ton of asphalt.

Town Supervisor Greg Fagan said that is a good price for asphalt.

“The issue with asphalt is that not many places are making asphalt anymore,” Fagan said.

Cobleskill Stone Products will sell the asphalt to the town.

Dopp said one ton of asphalt covers roughly 25 feet of road, depending on how thickly it is placed. Noonan Road is roughly two miles long.

“I’d like to start paving as soon as school is out,” Dopp said.

Dopp said the road will be closed while it is paved.

Bridge work

Also slated to be repaired is the Calderwood Road bridge, which goes over the North Chuctanunda Creek.

Dopp said the New York state Department of Transportation inspected the bridge and found the diaphragms and the rail blockouts need to be repaired.

“[It is] the cross bracing, the bridging between the beams,” Dopp said. “A couple broke, so they just have to get it fixed.”

Dopp said the inspectors gave it a yellow flag, meaning it is an issue that needs attention, but it is not dangerous yet.

“A red flag would [have the bridge] closed down,” Dopp said.

The cost for the repair work will be about $5,380, and R&B Construction will handle the labor, equipment and materials.

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