Fulton County readies airport plan

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Planning Department will submit a proposed five-year Airport Capital Improvement Plan to the Federal Aviation Administration with no planned projects for 2014.

Planning Director James Mraz told the Board of Supervisors’ Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee last week no projects are planned next year for the county airport on Route 67.

But Mraz said he has to submit a required five-year plan to the FAA. Submitting the plan doesn’t obligate the county to undertake or complete any work included in the plan, he said.

“This is the annual resolution that is sought,” Mraz said.

The committee authorized submittal of the plan, a resolution needing full board approval Monday.

Supervisors approved the proposed plan as follows: 2014 – no projects; 2015 – update master study and airport layout plan, $90,000 cost with $4,500 county share; 2016 – construct access road to the hangars and repair parking lot, $50,000 cost with $2,500 county share; 2016 – expand paved apron, $400,000 cost with $20,000 county share; 2017 – engineering to extend Runway 10 to the west, $400,000 cost with $20,000 county share; 2018 – extend Runway 10 to the west, $4 million with $200,000 county share.

Mraz said the FAA provides 90 percent of project funding, and the state Department of Transportation and county each provide 5 percent shares.

He said the 2014-18 plan is a “rehashing” of what’s been on the FAA plan the last several years.

On April 8, the Planning Department sent letters to the county’s airport manager, fixed-based operator The 195 Factory; HangAir and R&R Aviation, owners of hangars at the airport; and John Peck, the county’s Airport Support Network contact. Mraz said input for the plan was sought, but there was no feedback.

“This year, we did not receive any responses,” Mraz said.

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