Report: 20 train cars derailed

MOHAWK- At least 20 train cars were derailed after two trains were involved in an accident around 8 a.m. today, emergency management officials said.

Montgomery County Emergency Management Director Adam Schwabrow said early reports indicate two CSX trains collided in the area of Route 5, near Martin Road.

Schwabrow said one train had extensive damage, with 20 cars knocked off the train tracks. The other car was still on the tracks, he said.

No fatalities were reported, Schwabrow said, but at least two people with injuries were sent to St. Mary’s Hospital for examination.

Hazardous Material teams were called, with several tanker cars attached to one of the trains.

“At this point, nothing hazardous is leaking,” Schwabrow said.

State Highway 5 from Fonda to Route 10 in Palatine is closed until further notice.

The cause for the accident is still unknown, Schwabrow said.

Crews from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, GAVAC Ambulance, town of Mohawk Volunteer Fire Department, Montgomery County Emergency Management and Montgomery County Hazardous Materials team are on the scene.

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