Board amends budget

MOHAWK – At the Town Board’s meeting Thursday, board members passed a resolution to allow an amendment to the 2013 operating budget.

Officials said a financial account is short of its projected amount in the operating budget.

The account is low because of unexpected hospital dog stays that aren’t covered at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, officials said, and an increase in stray dogs being reported.

The board agreed to the authorization of moving $2,000 from the budget’s contingent account to the “Control of Dogs” account.

Plan update

Board members also passed a resolution authorizing Supervisor Greg Rajkowski to write and sign a letter of intent to participate in the updating process for the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The HMP was adopted in 2009 by the Montgomery County Disaster Mitigation Steering Committee. The HMP identifies projects that can help reduce damage that might occur from future natural hazards, officials said.

Municipalities are required to update the HMP with their county every five years in order to be eligible for various Federal Emergency Management Agency grant programs.

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