Man asks for help with parking space

GLOVERSVILLE – A city resident asked the Common Council on Tuesday to help him obtain a handicapped parking space from the Gloversville Housing Authority.

Arthur “Nemo” Cole, 86, of the Forest Hill Towers told the council about a problem he is having with the GHA in regard to obtaining the space. He said he has the proper permit to use a handicapped space.

He said he has one lung, which requires him to be on oxygen. He said he has a doctor’s note saying he can’t walk more than 40 feet.

“There is nobody over there that drives a car that is in worse shape than I am,” Cole said.

Cole said GHA Executive Director Dan Towne told him he is on a waiting list.

Towne said the GHA has been aware of this issue with Cole. He said the GHA has a policy for handicapped parking rules at each of the high- rise locations and only has “a limited number of reserved parking spaces.”

Considering many of the residents at the towers have the handicapped parking permit, the authority would have to designate reserved spaces in the entire lot if it were to make an exception for Cole.

Towne said the man in front of Cole on the waiting list has been waiting for more than a year.

“We have a long-standing policy and Mr. Cole is on the list,” Towne said.

“I don’t understand why I can’t get a parking space. There are people over there that can run and have one,” Cole said.

Mayor Dayton King said he will have the city attorney see if the city can do anything to help Cole.

“This gentleman is 86 years old, a resident here and is not healthy. I certainly want to do everything I can to advocate for people that can’t advocate for themselves,” King said.

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