Burger King may move near Walmart in Gloversville

GLOVERSVILLE – Burger King is proposing to build a new restaurant at South Kingsboro Avenue and Route 30A near the new Walmart Supercenter and close one of its other local restaurants.

Carrols LLC wants to construct the 2,763-square-foot restaurant on property owned by the Foothills United Methodist Church. Carrols would demolish a house now on the property.

Jim Meinecke, real estate manager for Carrols Corp., said the company has not yet decided whether to close the Burger King on Route 30A in the city of Johnstown or the restaurant in the Arterial Plaza off Route 30A in the town of Johnstown across from the soon-to-be closed Walmart store on Fifth Avenue Extension in the town.

He said Carrols is evaluating the location and buildings to determine what would make the most sense.

Meinecke said he’s unsure whether the proposed new Burger King would create any additional jobs after the company closes one of the other local restaurants.

He said the new restaurant would have a modern design. It would provide 60 seats and put more focus on the drive-through portion of the restaurant.

He said he couldn’t think of any Burger King restaurants in the area that use the new design.

The city Planning Board reviewed Burger King’s proposal Tuesday.

The city previously entered into an agreement with Foothills United Methodist Church to transfer ownership of property to the church in exchange for the church conveying highway rights to a portion of its property to connect the new Burger King site with Hill Street for a future access road.

As part of the project, Carrols would be responsible for constructing a city street between the restaurant property and Hill Street, according to meeting documents.

Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones said the agreement also includes Carrols installing a light pole at the Hill Street intersection. The city would install the lights.

GBC Design of Akron, Ohio, would head the restaurant project. Gary R. Rouse of GBC would oversee the construction of the restaurant.

Rouse said there would be a one-way entrance at the bottom of South Kingsboro Avenue and two two-way entrances.

Jones said the Hill Street light would become a four-way intersection with a new portion of the road being constructed in the wooded area directly across from Hill Street.

The board said the illumination pattern for the lighting plan seemed excessive and would be too bright for the residents living near the restaurant. The board asked the Burger King representatives to tone down the lighting.

The board delayed a public hearing on the site plan because the board wanted to get response from state agencies on the potential project.

Fulton County Senior Planner Sean Geraghty said the state Department of Transportation would have to give its recommendations for the entrances, design of traffic flow and potential drainage.

He said that information would be provided to the board before the next scheduled meeting.

The Planning Board asked the Burger King representatives to update the site map before the next meeting and submit a required environmental review.

Chairman William Ferguson said a public hearing on the plan could be scheduled for October. After the hearing, the board could approve the plans.

Mayor Dayton King said the sales tax revenue from the new Burger King could amount to about $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

King said the city has been working on the Burger King project for the past eight months.

“I believe due to us reaching out to the Department of Transportation and requesting a curb cut along 30A, we will continue to grow our new central business district,” King said.

“If the people that are in place now keep working with each other, I believe we are going to see more businesses opening and more jobs,” King said. “This in turn will lead to people having more confidence in our city and county and people will spend more money here, ideally reducing our property tax rate.”

The new Walmart Supercenter plans to open Aug. 14. Walmart is closing its existing store on Fifth Avenue Extension.

King said other projects are in the works around the new Walmart store, but he couldn’t provide details at this time.

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