Code enforcement officer hired

FONDA – The village has a new code enforcement officer.

The Village Board on Monday appointed Ronald Hinkle, who is currently the building and fire code enforcer for the town of Mohawk, as village code enforcement officer.

A code enforcement officer is needed in the village to handle basic code enforcement regulations, such as zoning violations and business licensing.

“I think [Hinkle is] a good choice for the position,” Mayor Bill Peeler said. “He’s got a lot of experience.”

Hinkle will be paid quarterly at a rate of $20 per hour and his salary won’t exceed $4,000.

However, Hinkle could face complications with the code enforcement position because he is running for highway superintendent in the town of Mohawk.

If he is elected, it is possible he would give up his position as code enforcement officer. Peeler said he is looking into the details regarding the issue.

The appointment to the code enforcement officer position expires March 31.


The board also discussed at Monday’s meeting whether an engineer is necessary to assess hazardous property in the village. The village does not currently have an engineer.

Peeler mentioned a building at 30 W. Main St. he considers dangerous, especially to the Frothingham Free Library next door.

“It’s a safety hazard,” he said. “Somebody could get hurt.”

Peeler said he believes the building is abandoned since the water has been shut off to it.

Village Attorney Michael Albanese said the only way for the village to access the property is if an engineer with a warrant condemned the building.

Albanese said the code enforcement officer can’t condemn the building, he can only issue code violation tickets.

Board members said they will ask Hinkle if he can recommend someone for engineer.

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