County board OKs new Burger King

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Planning Board on Tuesday approved the site plan for a new Burger King restaurant in Gloversville.

The board decided there’s no regional implications for the project, approving it as a positive project. The site plan for the new restaurant – planned at the corner of South Kingsboro Avenue and Route 30A – is currently being reviewed by the Gloversville Planning Board.

“Carrols LLC would like to put a Burger King restaurant at the bottom of Kingsboro Avenue,” said county Senior Planner Sean Geraghty.

Geraghty said the new restaurant will be 2,783 square feet in size, include a drive-thru and have seating for 60 customers. An existing home on the property will be demolished as part of the project.

He said the unique part of the project is “sort of a side deal” involving a “land swap” between Gloversville and Foothills United Methodist Church.

The city previously entered into an agreement with current owners of the property – the church – to transfer ownership of a portion of the former Hales Mills Road right-of-way to the church in exchange for the church conveying highway rights to a portion of its property to the city.

Geraghty said that as part of this project, Carrols LLC will be responsible for constructing a city street on the church’s property between the restaurant site and Hill Street, and immediately deeding the road right-of-way over to the city at the completion of construction.

“The main concern is those neighbors down there,” said board alternate member Frank Lauria.

He said the site is close to Route 30A.

“I have a problem with the driveway,” said board Chairman John Blackmon. “It’s awful close to that intersection down there.”

Board Vice Chairman Steve Cirillo said the board should be encouraging development. He said he’s not necessarily “concerned about neighbors,” adding that the church has been partially built for four years and become an “eyesore” in the area.

Geraghty said the county board’s job is to focus on regional issues, such as drainage and traffic.

Blackmon said the South Kingsboro Avenue and Route 30A intersection will become a major intersection in the county with the new Walmart. He predicted some houses along Kingsboro Avenue may turn into service businesses or they will be bought out.

Some on the board compared the potential for traffic at the new Burger King to the Fifth Avenue-Route 30A intersection in the town of Johnstown, where there is a Burger King and McDonald’s.

As other businesses settle near the South Kingsboro Avenue and Route 30A intersection, Blackmon said Gloversville may have to look closer at traffic flows. But that doesn’t have to happen yet, he said.

Jim Meinecke, real estate manager for Carrols Corp., said earlier this month the company may close an existing area Burger King. He said it has not decided whether to close the restaurant on Route 30A in the city of Johnstown, or the restaurant in the Arterial Plaza off Route 30A in the town of Johnstown.

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