Academy a success: officials

The Leader-Herald

GLOVERSVILLE – Gloversville Enlarged School District officials Tuesday said the Summer Learning Academy was a success.

Frank Pickus, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, said there was a shift in the program this year, focusing more on retaining skills.

Literary coaches Paula Malagasi and Lisa Priolo were at the meeting to explain the goals behind the Summer Learning Academy during a presentation.

According to the presentation, 300 student positions were available, and 100 of them were filled. Priolo said attendance was good during the program, which went from the beginning of July until the end of August.

“The goals behind the summer learning program were two-fold, both to provide an academic as well as a recreational opportunity,” Priolo said.

About 100 district children, either in elementary school or going into sixth-grade, attended the academy. The program is completely voluntary, according to the district, with parents placing the children in it.

Priolo said the academy used technology, recreation and physical and mental activities throughout the day to get students to learn, work together and spend the summer break improving their academic skills.

During the morning, from 9 a.m. to noon, the children worked on reading and math.

The intention was to prevent them from losing skills over the summer then needing to play catch up in September, officials said.

The students tried to improve their reading and math skills while working in small groups and using iPad apps, such as eSpark, to improve their math and reading abilities.

The iPads will be in more Gloversville classrooms this school year to help engage students and improve their skills.

The district hopes to offer the program again next year, district officials said.

Priolo said many of the students enjoyed the project. The main goal now is to bring more students into the program if it is run next year, he said.

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