Cornell Cooperative Extension names 4H winners

FONDA – The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Fulton and Montgomery Counties 4-H program has announced the results of the 2013 4-H Animal Science Program at the Fonda Fair.

Winners are named with prizes, as applicable, in parentheses:


Showmanship first place novice, junior, ages 13 and under, members’ first year in showmanship (engraved clock sponsored by NBT Bank): Dylan Smith.

Showmanship first place, ages 11 and under (engraved clock sponsored by Arnold’s Feed & Grain): Benjamin Littrell.

Showmanship first place, ages 12-14 (engraved clock sponsored Johnstown Agway): Desiree Suits.

Showmanship first place, ages 15 & older (engraved clock, Valerie Feagles and Family): Erin Nellis.

Grand champion showman (trophy sponsored by Rock-View Farm): Erin Nellis.

Best bred and owned junior animal (sponsored by Midvale Veterinary Clinic): Aryn Feagles.

Best bred and owned senior animal (sponsored by Dygert Farm): Desiree Suits.

Champion bred and owned animal (sponsored by Craig and Linda Stevens): Desiree Suits.

Champion ayrshire (sponsored by Hudson River Tractor in memory of Howard Yurkewecz): Not awarded this year (trophy will be saved and used next year.

Champion Brown Swiss (sponsored by Craig and Linda Stevens): Jennifer Keehan.

Champion holstein (sponsored by Ag Solution): Erin Nellis.

Champion jersey (sponsored by Pleasant Hill Farm): Katie Joyce.

Champion milking shorthorn (sponsored by Jack and Kevin Putman): Sarah Keehan.

Champion Guernsey (sponsored in memory of Alvin Hichens Jr.): No award. Presenter will save and use next year.

Champion of all breeds (embroidered jacket sponsored by The Nellis Family): Erin Nellis.

Herdsmanship, small herd (sponsored by Midvale Veterinary Clinic): Brittany Lindquist and Ryan Slater.

Herdsmanship, large herd (sponsored by Midvale Veterinary Clinic): Erin Nellis.

Dairy cattle judging contest trophy (sponsored by Stoncree Farm): Laura Littrell.

Helping Hands Award (sponsored by Ken-Jo Farm): Erin Nellis.

Livestock and Dairy Goat

Champion meat goat showman (sponsored by Hilltop Acres Farm): Michelle Joyce.

Best of show meat goat (sponsored by Hilltop Acres): Michelle Joyce.

Champion all other meat breeds sheep: John Cressy.

Champion border Leicester: Katie Joyce.

Champion commercial meat breeds: Katie Joyce.

Champion natural colored: Katie Joyce.

Best sheep in show (sponsored by First Pioneer Farm Credit): Katie Joyce.

Champion market lamb: MacKenzie Hart.

First place junior showman (sponsored by Andreia Rulison): Jacob Cressy.

First place senior showman (sponsored by Terry Buyce): Haleigh Dutcher.

Champion sheep showman (sponsored by The Kickin’ Country Clovers 4-H Club): Jacob Cressy .

Champion swine showman (sponsored by Big John’s Portable Toilets): Keegan Darrow.

Best of show swine (sponsored by 5 A’s Antiques and Collectibles): Michelle Joyce.

First place novice beef showman (sponsored by Margie Cressy and Jennifer Phillips): Sarah Cook.

First place junior beef showman ages 13 and under (sponsored by Margie Cressy and Jennifer Phillips): Katie Joyce.

First place senior beef showman (sponsored by Margie Cressy and Hume Donnan): Kaitlyn Phillips.

Champion beef showman (sponsored by Rockline Farm): Kaitlyn Phillips.

Grand champion angus (sponsored by the Lee Canby): Katie Joyce.

Champion Hereford (Malcolm A. Wilber Memorial Award sponsored by Mule Hill Farm): Sarah Cook.

Champion all other breeds (sponsored by Cake and Chocolate Creative Creations): None given this year. Trophy will be saved for use next year.

Champion limousin (sponsored by Hilltop Acres): Kaitlyn Phillips.

Champion cross breeds (sponsored by the Adirondack Feed Center): Jesse Cressy.

Champion market animal (sponsored by Lee Canby): Jesse Cressy

Best of beef in show (sponsored by J.S. Howard Farm): Katie Joyce.

Livestock herdsmanship family (sponsored by Whitmans Feed Store): The Opalka.

Livestock herdsmanship individual (sponsored by Kay Offenborn): Kaitlyn Phillips.

First place novice goat showman (sponsored by the Opalka Family): Evelyn Fessenden.

First place junior goat showman (sponsored by The Opalka family): Robert Opalka.

First place senior goat showman (sponsored by Donna Cappadona): Victoria Opalka.

Champion dairy goat showman (sponsored by Bonnie Peck): Victoria Opalka.

Champion pygmy showman: Victoria Opalka.

Champion and best of show pygmy goat (sponsored by Secret Star Farm): Victoria Opalka.

Champion alpine (sponsored by JJ Stahl Farm): Alexandria Opalka.

Champion Nubian (sponsored by the Opalka Family): Robert Opalka.

Champion LaMancha (sponsored by the Janet’s Hackmatack Farms): Victoria Opalka.

Champion Saanan (sponsored by the Opalka Family): Alexandria Opalka.

Champion Oberhasli (sponsored by The Opalka Family): Robert Opalka.

Champion recorded grade (sponsored by Silver Rock Acres): Victoria Opalka.

Best dairy goat in show (sponsored by Donna Cappadonna): Alexandria Opalka.

Champion showman of fair, a competition between the champion showman from dairy cattle, dairy goats, beef, sheep and swine (sponsored by L.J. Hand Farm Center): Victoria Opalka.

Poultry and Rabbits

First place novice rabbit showman (sponsored by Margie Cressy): Shawna Darrow.

First place junior rabbit showman (sponsored by Debbie Mazur): Evelyn Fessenden.

First place senior rabbit showman (sponsored by Lisa MacIntosh): Katie Gray.

Champion showman rabbit (sponsored by Country Feed Store): Evelyn Fessenden.

Champion New Zealand white (sponsored by the family of Charles Gray): Katie Joyce.

Best of show rabbit (sponsored by Mohawk Valley Tire): Katie Gray.

Best overall exhibit of rabbits (sponsored by Poulin Feed): Katie Joyce.

Best mini-lop: MacKenzie Hart.

Best mini rex: Katie Gray.

Best Netherland dwarf: MacKenzie Hart.

Best American chinchilla: Katie Gray.

Best Californian: MacKenzie Hart.

Champion flemish giant: Aubrey VanValkenburgh.

Champion rex: Shawna Darrow.

Best all other fancy breeds: Jennifer Keehan.

Best of show cavy (sponsored in memory of Marley and Ripley by Jennifer Carson): None given this year. Trophy will be saved and used next year.

Champion Cavy Showman: (Sponsored in Memory of Marley and Ripley by Jennifer Carson: none given this year, trophy will be saved and used next year.

First place novice poultry showman (sponsored by Dorraine Joyce): Emma Agnes.

First place junior showman (Sponsored by Blue Hen Furniture): Jacob Cressy.

First place senior showman (Sponsored by Say It With Signs): Amber Morey.

Champion showman poultry (sponsored by Cliff Douglass): Amber Morey.

Champion standard breed chicken (sponsored by Poulin Grain): Schuyler Claes.

Champion waterfowl (sponsored by The Childs Family in memory of Bill Ryan): Darby Fesenden.

Champion Bantam (sponsored by Poulin Grain): Garrett MacIntosh.

Best all other fowl (sponsored by the Opalka Family): Amber Morey.

Best overall poultry display (sponsored by Cliff Douglass in memory of Thomas Burbine): Schuyler Claes.

Horse Program

Horse sportsmanship award (sponsored by Horselovers Unlimited 4-H Club): Sarah Cook.

Best of show, horse show: Hanna Chorlton, Haley Claes, Kendra Kilcullen, Jesse Cressy, Sarah Subik, and Victoria Subik.

Stable management awards (sponsored by Classic Carriage Service and Circle L Trailer Sales): Awards will be handed out at member recognition night in November.

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