Mayfield eyes scores from?Class of 2013


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MAYFIELD – The Mayfield Central School District recently took a look at the grades and test scores of its Class of 2013 as part of an assessment.

The Mayfield Junior-Senior High School released the assessment in August, which detailed the graduation rate and test scores for the seniors from the 2012-13 school year.

Presented by former high school Principal Robert Husain and current Principal Christopher Wojeski, the assessment considered the students’ post-secondary school plans as well as their test scores.

According to the assessment, of the 57 students, 52 percent planned on attending a New York state two-year college and 22 percent planned on going to a four-year college. Three percent of the students planned on going to a college out of New York state and the same percentage planned to join the military, while 16 percent were planning on employment.

“We want students with the initiative, the drive, to work hard,” Husain said.

Husain said 38 percent of the students in the assessment had a 90 percent or better average in high school. Many of these were students who also did not do well in seventh- and eighth-grade assessments, Husain said.

In total, Mayfield had a graduation rate of 98 percent, according to Husain.

“Again, we have some pretty solid grad rates,” Husain said.

According to Husain, almost 40 percent of the graduating class graduated with an advanced designation Regents diploma, while 20 percent got advanced degrees with honors.

According to the assessment, the students test scores were close to the test scores in previous years in United States history and government classes, but there was a 10 percent drop in the average test score in level four global history and geography when compared to 2010-2011. Comprehensive English 11 also saw a simular drop for levels three and four.

After reviewing the scores, district officials said in the future they will adjust the curriculum based on which categories the students’ scores need to show improvement in.

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