Primaries set for supervisor candidates in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON – Two candidates are vying for the position of town supervisor.

Incumbent Republican Supervisor Linda Kemper faces separate Republican and Conservative primary challenges Sept. 10 from James Groff, the mayor of Northville.

No matter the outcome of the primaries, both will be on the November ballot as independents – Kemper on the Wisest Choice line and Groff on the Unite N’ Hampton line.

Kemper, the incumbent, has served several terms as the town supervisor. Kemper said she has been a part of town government since 1995.

During her term as supervisor, Kemper said, she has focused on keeping the town running within the town’s budget.

Kemper said her primary focus as supervisor would be to try and continue keeping the town’s taxes low.

Kemper said she has been looking for grants and other state funding throughout her tenure as a way of alleviating the costs on the taxpayers.

“I aggressively pursue grant funding and continue to do so,” Kemper said.

Kemper said she is willing to work with all levels of the state government, having gained these connections over the years of her service.

Groff has served as the village mayor since 1994 and has been on the Village Board since 1977. Over the years, he also has served as a volunteer firefighter.

Groff, according to the New York State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Disclosure page, has no recent campaign expenses as of Friday.

Groff said his primary goal if elected would be to consolidate services in the town to save money.

“As time goes on, our school and town tax are not going to go down,” Groff said.

Groff said there is a committee to share services between the village and the town, but there isn’t any support from the town to move forward.

Another goal Groff has is improving the area for tourism.

“We need to improve the area as much as possible,” Groff said.

This could include repairing areas along Route 30 in Northampton or other projects.

“Anything we can do, we have to give it a try to get things moving,” Groff said.

Groff also said retail businesses need to be brought to Northampton, which has a lack of them.

The term for supervisor is four years.

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