Unregistered cars moving off property, official says

MAYFIELD-The owner of property on Woodland Avenue has two months to clean up the location after concerns were brought before the town board in July.

According to Mike Stewart, Mayfield town code enforcement officer, Ralph Castiglione, who is partial owner of a home at 130 Woodland Ave., has 60 days to clean up the yard of the property.

According to Stewart, who spoke with members of the Town Board on Thursday, Castiglione was cited for having junk cars in his yard.

Stewart said Castiglione has 60 days to clean up the yard.

“I do not know the date [the work has to be completed by,]” Stewart said. “It is sometime in November.”

This morning, Stewart said the property is being cleaned up, and unregistered cars left on the lot are being removed.

“I don’t have an exact number [of cars],” Stewart said.

According to Stewart, having more than one unregistered car on a lot makes it a violation.

Stewart said Ralph Castiglione did not offer a explanation for the state of the property.

“It is a fairly typical, routine matter,” Stewart said.

In July, Stewart said past problems at the place were corrected, and only one notice was current. That notice was about violation of a trash law and a junk vehicle/junk mobile home law, Stewart said, similar to previous notices.

Bob Castiglione of Gloversville expressed concerns to the board in July regarding the property.

Bob Castiglione, brother to Ralph, said he was disappointed with his brothers’ – Ralph and Jack Castiglione – responses to letters from Stewart.

“The place has become a junkyard, a salvage yard. It is lakefront property. It’s not some place up in the mountains and woods, OK? There ought to be a serious approach to cleaning up this place out of respect to the neighbors,” Bob Castiglione said in July.

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