Haunted Main Street

GLOVERSVILLE – Witches could be seen brewing up double, double toil and trouble on Saturday along North Main Street.

The Glamour Girl Society of Gloversville performed in front of Antiques ‘N’ Uniques in their handmade witches costumes during the group’s second annual Witches Jamboree and a related event – Haunted Happenings at the Glove Performing Arts Center.

Sally Brien, owner of the store and founder of the society, said she worked with the theater to organize the event.

“We did this in collaboration with the Glove, and we’ll do this every year as long as people want to come out and have fun,” Brien said.

This was the Glove’s fifth annual Haunted Happenings event. Children and adults of all ages could be seen participating in Halloween arts and crafts, decorating cookies and walking through a small haunted house in the theater.

The event also included a Halloween costume parade in which the witches were the judges and chose their three favorite costumes.

Richard Samrov, executive director of the Glove, and fellow volunteer Karen Romeyn said they established this event for the community.

“The city doesn’t have [a Halloween event], so we do it as the Glove Performing Arts Center,” Samrov said. “I think it’s very important for the community to make sure that the kids have something to do.”

“This is awesome for the community,” Romeyn said.

After the Haunted Happenings on Saturday, the Glove also hosted its annual screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with a live shadow cast.

“We bring everything back inside and have something for the adults,” Samrov said.

Brien said she wants more people to participate in events similar to this.

“We would like to see a lot more of the community because everyone puts their time out and their effort out and everyone is welcome to come,” she said. “We really want people to feel like their downtown is alive and waiting for them.”

Brien encouraged people to come to the Veteran’s Day parade on Nov. 9 to see the Glamour Girls, in military garb, doing a tribute skit for the veterans. She said she’s looking for more society members.

“We have about 24 members,” she said. “There are no dues, no money, just creativity and love for your city are required.”

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