Hunters selected in lottery

JOHNSTOWN – Twenty-five local hunters will be allowed to hunt on city Water Department property this year, following a resolution approved by the city council this week.

Nick Cannizzo, Johnstown Water Department executive, said 25 hunters were selected in a lottery out of 70 names to hunt on sections of the city’s Water Department properties.

Cannizzo said the hunting will occur only on certain properties, such as off Busch Road and Route 107. Each hunter will be given a certain section of the map to hunt on.

“The first name that was drawn gets the first position on the map,” Cannizzo said.

Cannizzo said the hunt can go on throughout the hunting season.

This move was prompted after does were found to be impeding the growth of trees.

“We had a forester come in and they put our timber out for sale,” Cannizzo said.

The forester told Cannizzo and the board that many of the saplings were chewed and destroyed, impeding the growth of new trees.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation supported the decision to have a lottery for hunters, Cannizzo said. Tags will be given for the hunting. Currently, Cannizzo said, it is bow- hunting season.

Cannizzo said the hunters can go onto their specific allotted areas and shoot one deer before they have to leave.

Cannizzo said he does not know if this will become a yearly event.

“We have to see what develops out of this,” Cannizzo said.

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