IDA seeks county funding for Tryon

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency is requesting $50,000 in start-up financial assistance through Fulton County’s proposed 2014 budget to help pay operation and maintenance expenses once the former Tryon property is turned over to the IDA.

IDA Executive Director James Mraz, also the county planning director, made the request to county committees last week. The full county Board of Supervisors will consider the request Oct. 15.

Mraz made his initial request to the board’s Economic Development and Environment Committee for an IDA 2014 county budget allocation for the proposed Tryon Technology and Incubator Center. The county and IDA have partnered to redevelop the former Tryon facility in the towns of Perth and Johnstown and create shovel-ready sites for new businesses.

Mraz told the Economic Development and Environment Committee the state will “soon be” deeding the Tryon property over to the IDA.

He said the IDA will acquire: 515 acres of land, more than 60 buildings, roads, building contents and systems, water lines and hydrants, water storage tank and pumps, sewer lines, two sewer pump stations, electrical system, and security fencing and gates.

Mraz said when Tryon closed in August 2011, the state drained water from lines to prevent freezing, plugged all sewer mains, and shut down all building systems.

Types of expenses anticipated by the IDA, Mraz said, include restarting the water system. The IDA also will have to restart systems in one of the buildings, unplug sewers and restart both sewer pump stations. He said there will be gas, electric, water and sewer expenses and grass must be cut. He said there will also be building maintenance, insurance and door lock replacement.

Mraz projected $50,000 in start-up expenses. He said the IDA proposes to hire contractors for operations and maintenance work, and the agency would pay as work was done. He said the IDA would then seek reimbursement from the county.

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