Sewer projects nearly under way

JOHNSTOWN – The Gloversville-Johnstown Joint Sewer Board on Wednesday reviewed the status of two upcoming sewer plant projects, estimated to cost a total of $10.8 million. One of the projects is slated to begin in November.

In his operations report, Gloversville-Johnstown Wastewater Treatment Facility engineer Tyler Masick told the board a pre-construction meeting was conducted Sept. 26 for the facility’s $6.4 million upgrade project. He said the meeting was with all contractors involved.

This will be the second major project the plant has done in the past five years. The facility underwent a $10 million upgrade in 2008-09. Both upgrades are designed to help the sewage treatment plant treat increased waste discharges from the expanding Greek-yogurt plant Fage USA at the Johnstown Industrial Park, as well as other area industries.

The latest upgrade will include a new stainless-steel whey tank, as well as new engines.

Masick said sewer plant environmental attorney Mark Schachner also reviewed contracts related to the project and signed off on them.

Contracts for the project are: $3.93 million general construction – C.O. Falter Construction Corp. of Syracuse; $999,500 electrical construction – Amaha Electrical Inc. of Cohoes; $761,600 engine and electrical switchgear – Milton CAT of Clifton Park; and $195,626 heating and ventilation construction – Family Danz of Albany.

Masick said the facility today is scheduled to issue a “notice to proceed,” with work on the upgrade expected to start in November.

“We are getting things moving along on that [project],” he said.

The facility’s other major infrastructure undertaking is an estimated $4.4 million trunk line project. Work on that will be upcoming involving a first phase of improvement and replacement on the main sewer pipeline. Initial work involves a $435,000 contract with Precision Industrial Maintenance Inc. of Schenectady.

The company will do work on the facility’s 50-year-old main trunk line between the two cities. The line runs 4 miles from Harrison Street in Gloversville to the sewage treatment plant on Union Avenue in Johnstown.

Masick displayed for the board some of the fiberglass lined replacement piping the state Department of Transportation uses that will be similar to what will be used for this project. He said the facility has recently secured easements for right-of-way access, and lining material for the project.

Facility consultant George Bevington said the project will begin with a section on West Main Street in Johnstown.

The board approved a $17,000 contract amendment with Precision Industrial Maintenance Inc.

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