County considers jail security deal

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County supervisors next week are slated to vote on a new $54,000 county jail security maintenance contract with the same firm that has serviced the facility for 20 years.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider renewing the county’s contract with Black Creek Integrated Systems Inc. of Irondale, Ala. The board’s Public Safety Committee last week approved a proposed 2014 renewal contract amounting to $54,083 with that firm, which would provide maintenance for the security and booking systems in the jail.

“Black Creek has been very good to us,” said Sheriff Thomas Lorey, after committee approval.

Lorey said Black Creek is the original vendor of the systems used in the facility and has provided continuous service since it was built in 1993.

In other items brought by the sheriff to the committee:

Lorey recommended the county award a $3,001 bid to the Sir William Johnson Volunteer Fire Department for obsolete sheriff’s department equipment. Only one bid from that department was received for two 1997 Polaris snowmobiles and a 1998 trailer.

The committee approved Lorey’s request to transfer $746 for updated software for use at crime scenes and accidents for documentation and reconstruction purposes.

Lorey requested transferring $2,000 for a training course for emergency service dispatchers and patrol supervisors. He said the course is taught by Utah-based Priority Dispatch and will be conducted at the Sheriff’s Department on Route 29. He said it will be “great” training for a dispatcher who takes an initial call through 911 for some type of “active shooter” incident, whether in a school, business, industry or government setting.

Lorey received permission to transfer $5,000 to cover repairs to patrol cars needed for the rest of the year. He said a variety of “unanticipated repairs” to his patrol fleet has expended budgeted funds in his auto repairs account.

A $645 transfer was approved to update the sheriff’s tactical patrol rifles. He said the weapons will be fitted with collapsible stocks and improved rifle rails with the ability to add lighting options. He said the update will give officers greater capabilities for use in tactical situations and for easier deployment from patrol vehicles during incidents.

The committee approved having Fulton County enter into another intermunicipal agreement with Oneida County to provide security services at the Central New York Psychiatric Center for 2014. A current agreement expires Dec. 31.

Lorey said Oneida County provides security for any Fulton County Jail inmates who may be housed at the center. The service is on a contingency basis. The cost paid to Oneida County is $165 per day per inmate for maintaining custody of Fulton County inmates while at the center.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at [email protected].

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