Local church uses global reach to help others

JOHNSTOWN – Though Bill and Esther Emmons are pastors at a local church, they – and the church they lead – have helped people across the world.

The Life Christian Center Church, located on Route 67 in town, has been helping other churches across the United States and in other countries financially and through volunteer efforts.

Bill Emmons said the church has been involved in evangelism for 27 years, notably assisting in building churches in the Philippines and Nigeria.

Bill Emmons said the various volunteer efforts – including assisting people in the local area – not only helps people who need it; the efforts help others learn about the faith of the church members.

“It really just opens people’s eyes,” Bill Emmons said.

Life Christian Center?Church works with other members of the Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International.

Bill Emmons said as new pastors start churches, the Emmonses and MMFI help the pastors establish their churches.

“We are on the board of MMFI,” Bill Emmons said.

Esther Emmons said currently they are helping Apostle Dandin Sales in the Philippines, who has established 63 congregations across the islands.

For 20 years, Life Christian Center Church has been building churches in the Philippines in coordination with MMFI and Sales. Sales plans to expand his network across all 7,000 islands of that nation.

Life Christian Center Church is building a facility for a recently established Philippine congregation. The cost for the completed structure, including a well, bathroom and meeting hall, is less than $5,000, the Emmonses said.

Bill Emmons said he and his wife – who have ministered together since 2001 – went to Nigeria in 2006 to assist in a “crusade” in the region.

While there, the Emmonses said they spoke with local religious leaders and helped establish churches.

Their efforts also can be felt closer to home. In the spring, the husband and wife are planning a trip to Canada to help several churches.

Aside from their international work, Bill Emmons said members of the church also have helped people in the local area by volunteering.

He said it is his hope to soon have volunteers from the church assist in home repairs for local homeowners who are in need of assistance. Previously, the church helped give out donations from local stores and held clothing drives.

The Emmonses noted members of the church volunteered to help with cleanup efforts in the Schoharie Valley after flooding.

Bill Emmons said it is important for volunteers to help wherever they can.

“It is not like I have to fly to Africa [to help people],” Bill Emmons said.

Mark Gillen, a volunteer and member of the church, has been involved with it for more than 23 years.

“It is great to be part of a church that is part of the community,” Gillen said.

For more information about the Life Christian Center Church mission program, call the Emmonses at 762-1674 or email [email protected]

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