Council may OK new secretary

GLOVERSVILLE – At its meeting Tuesday, the Common Council is expected to vote on a resolution that would OK hiring a public safety secretary for the Fire Department.

According to the agenda, the resolution would approve an increase to the department’s personnel budget of $5,900. The 2016 budget included $26,900 for the position, but the salary would be $32,800.

During the Jan. 12 council meeting, Commissioner of Finance Bruce Van Genderen said the increase is needed to make up the difference between the pay grade of a regular secretary and a public safety secretary.

Fire Chief Tom Groff said the new position will have the same duties as a previous public safety secretary position at the department. In 2011, it was reported the city had eliminated the job.

2nd Ward Councilman Arthur Simonds said during the meeting the secretary would be good for the department, since it would free up Groff to focus more on building code and blight issues.

“It ties up all his time doing secretarial work, when I want the man doing code work,” Simonds said. “He’s been stuck in the office and he’s not able to help us out at all. We’ve got 300 vacant homes. We need to have all hands on deck right now and I want him out there working.”

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

Kerry Minor covers Gloversville. She can be reached at [email protected]

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