Agency seeks new home

GLOVERSVILLE – Fulton County’s economic development agency has sold its building and will be looking for a new home in the city.

The Center for Regional Growth last week sold the office building at 110 Decker Drive in the Crossroads Business Park to Nathan Littauer Hospital for $725,000, according to Ron Peters, the CEO of the CRG.

Littauer operates a primary care center in that building, which also has a Wells Fargo Financial Advisors office.

The building was owned by a CRG subsidiary, the Crossroads Incubator Corp. The CRG was created in a 2012 reorganization as an umbrella corporation for the CIC and the Fulton County Economic Development Corp. Both subsidiaries ultimately will be dissolved.

Peters said the CRG would be looking at office space in Gloversville for its next home. The agency and its subsidiaries have mostly had temporary offices the last 10 years, using available space in CIC-owned buildings until a company would express an interest in renting it.

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