City to use digital speed signs

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council has approved a resolution that will purchase portable speed display signs for the city police department.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the council approved the resolution to pay $3,804 for the signs from Applied Concepts Inc., one of two bidders for the signs.

The signs would be placed in areas with higher traffic and higher incidents of speeding such as Park Street and South Kingsboro Avenue. They will display the speed of passing vehicles.

The signs will be solar powered so the city won’t have to install new electrical wiring to accommodate the signage. The items will likely be up and running by the spring.

Also during the meeting, the council approved a resolution adjusting the salary for Rachel Frasier, the secretary for the mayor, city attorney and community development agency.

Mayor Dayton King said earlier this month that Frasier is eligible for health insurance through her husband’s job, and wants to get insurance through there. It also gives an hourly rate pay raise.

He said this resolution would change her hours to make it so health insurance will not be obtained through the city. King said the move would save the city around $11,000 a year. Frasier is a part-time employee of the city.

King said if Frasier were to leave, the job compensation could be changed to reintroduce city health insurance.

The resolution passed Tuesday sets Frasier’s salary at $26,554 from the $28,527 incorrectly set during the Feb. 9 meeting.

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