Mayor’s pick for top cop to continue team approach

GLOVERSVILLE – City Police Capt. Marc Porter, who appears set to take over soon as chief of police, said he will continue the team approach that has been fostered at the department over the years.

“I want to continue moving forward with the team environment,” he said.

Porter, 42, of Gloversville will take over the duties of retiring police Chief Donald VanDeusen on Feb. 29.

“I look forward to the challenges ahead,” Porter said Friday.

VanDeusen said he recommended Porter for the position of chief. Porter has the skill set necessary to do the job and will be a good fit for the position, VanDeusen said.

Mayor Dayton King said he plans to recommend Porter for the appointment as well. The appointment will need the approval of the Common Council.

“It’s humbling to be recommended,” Porter said. “We have a solid foundation for the department. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from [VanDeusen.]”

Porter said he will take the civil service exam for the position March 5, but said it could take upwards of a month to get the results. In the meantime, he will handle the duties of police chief.

Porter said he has no plans at this time for any major changes to the department, as he would like to get settled in first. Porter said he is being put in charge of a department that is in good shape.

“[VanDeusen] is leaving us in a very solid state going forward,” Porter said.

Porter declined to name the person he is eyeing to take over his current position. He wants to be able to introduce that person to both the city government and public, likely during a Common Council meeting.

Porter said members of his team will be involved in departmental decisions and said he will continue with training for officers to ensure someone will be ready to take over when he eventually leaves.

“When we look to get people trained we’re looking to cultivate our personnel,” Porter said.

Porter has been going in to meetings, looking at budget issues and training for a while now in anticipation of taking over the department.

He said VanDeusen has had him in on day-to-day operations in the department in preparation for the end of February. He said he has learned a tremendous amount from VanDeusen, on everything from investigations to public relations.

“It’s been a work in progress. It’s been something we have been preparing for,” Porter said.

VanDeusen recently announced his retirement.

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