Senator meets with officials

GLOVERSVILLE – U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer followed up his visit to the city library Monday with a town hall-style meeting with members of local governments to discuss their needs.

Schumer was in the city to tour the library and speak about a tax-credit program to benefit the library. Afterward, he spoke with members of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors, city Common Council, Fulton County Center for Regional Growth and others about their plans, visions and needs for the county and city.

Fulton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Charlie Potter talked with Schumer about ongoing progress at the Tryon Business Park in the town of Johnstown.

“At this point, we’re ready to take down another building; it’s a 100-acre site so we can have a shovel-ready site,” Potter said.

Chris Curro, manager of the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market and a board member of the CRG, said the county has been working toward improving business parks and downtown corridors.

Gloversville 3rd Ward Councilman Vince DeSantis said in order to bring in young people, the area needs more walkable downtowns and neighborhoods.

“We need that state and federal investment,” DeSantis said.

Potter also spoke with Schumer about the Fulton County Positive branding program. Schumer said he likely would feature it on his website in the coming weeks.

Potter said he plans to follow Schumer up on his offer and send a list of projects to his office to figure out ways the senator can help them obtain funding.

“We want him to know we have a plan together. We have Tryon Park and Smart Waters,” Potter said. Smart Waters involves the extension of Gloversville water services to other parts of the county to support economic development.

Kerry Minor covers Gloversville. She can be reached at [email protected].

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