Gloversville, Northville voters OK school budgets

Voters in two school districts today approved school budgets that exceed the state-imposed tax cap.

The Gloversville Enlarged School District budget and the Northville Central School District budget received more than the 60 percent approval needed for passage.

The 2016-17 Gloversville school budget of $60.8 million exceeds the tax cap even though the tax levy won’t change. The negative tax-cap calculation was the result of low inflation and the district’s reduction in debt, school district officials said.

The Gloversville budget is down 4 percent from the $63.4 million budget for 2015-16.

Voters approved the budget in a vote of 371-161, representing approval by more than 69 percent of the voters.

Three incumbents were re-elected to three open seats on the Gloversville school board. They are Vincent Salvione, Robert Curtis and Kevin Kucel.

Northville Central School District voters passed the $10.6 million 2016-17 budget by a vote of 260-162.

The budget includes a 1.75 percent tax-levy increase. The budget was approved by 62 percent of the voters.

In Northville school board elections, John Knapp was elected with 295 votes.

Meanwhile, Candace Fraiser, Sarah Matarazzo and Peggy Young were elected to serve as Northville library trustees.


In the Greater Johnstown School District, voters approved a $33.4 million budget, which increases the tax levy by 1.62 percent, or $127,425. The tax-levy increase is under the tax cap.

The budget was approved by a vote of 340-101.

In Johnstown school board elections, voters re-elected Jennifer Sponnoble.

Two other seats also were available, but no one else was on the ballot. Voters wrote in the names of candidates, however, and the two leading write-in candidates are Greg Truckenmiller and Kathy Dougherty. They will join the school board if they agree to serve.

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