Pile of street signs found in Mayfield

MAYFIELD-At least 25 street signs have been recovered on Lakeview Road near Close Farms.

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino said signs from the towns of Mayfield and Johnstown were dumped in a pile near the farm.

“Some of the signs are quite old,” Giardino said. “There are no leads.”

Giardino said some of these signs have been missing for more than a year.

Supervisors from Johnstown and Mayfield said any missing street signs have since been replaced.

Town of Johnstown Supervisor Jack Wilson said missing signs has always been a problem, but the town has not experienced a lot of loss recently.

“We’ve lost five or six in the past five or six years,” Wilson said.

When someone steals a street sign, it’s usually because the sign has a unique name or the name of the person stealing it, Wilson said.

Losing signs is dangerous and costly, he said. Emergency-service vehicles need street signs to find their callers. Each sign has special paint and is specific.

“It’s quite an art,” Wilson said.

Mayfield Town Supervisor Rick Argotsinger was unsure how many signs have gone missing in the town.

“Every once in a while, someone steals signs,” Argotsinger said. “It just seems like occasionally they disappear; it’s unusual.”

He said street signs are important for emergency vehicles.

Each town is responsible for replacing signs that go missing, and the cost can be high, Argotsinger said.

“Most people take them for a specific reason; I don’t really know why in this circumstance,” he said.

Giardino advised anyone with any information to contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

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