Dollar General plans for distribution center moves forward

FLORIDA – The approval for a new Dollar General distribution center in the town of Florida moved one step closer to reality with Montgomery County’s Industrial Development Agency’s public hearing for a 15-year tax break for company. No vote will be held on the tax break until Dollar General receives site plan approval from the town.

The public hearing was held by the Montgomery County IDA June 6 at the Florida Town Hall, according to officials at the Montgomery County Economic Development Agency.

The public hearing was in regards to the potential 15-year payment in lieu of taxes program being offered to the corporation as an incentive to locate in Montgomery County.

The next step in the process is a public hearing at Florida Planning Board’s July 11 public hearing.

Dollar General would receive a 15-year tax break to build their 750,000-square-foot distribution warehouse in the county. The company would receive tax breaks which lower the amount of taxes they pay. The taxes are based on a scale and by year 15, the company would be paying the full amount of taxes.

According to the same county sources, there was no opposition to the program at the hearing which lasted less than 15 minutes.

The project’s future is now in the hands of the Florida Planning Board, which will have a public hearing on the site plan and proposed subdivision July 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the town offices.

Previously, Ken Rose, director of the Montgomery County Business Development Center, said he believes the project is on track, but Dollar General has to receive all of its regulatory approvals before construction can begin on the center, which the company says could create about 550 jobs.

“All we’ve done is set up a public hearing. There’s nothing set in stone yet until there’s a shovel on the ground and we’ve gone through the local approval process and Dollar General finishes doing their due diligence,” Rose said. “We gave Dollar General a permitting schedule of obtaining all of their local, state and federal permits by the end of August, then Dollar General can make their final decision.”

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