Fulton County Center for Regional Growth to begin renovations at its Gloversville offices

GLOVERSVILLE – The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth is preparing to begin renovations on its new building, which received a $300,000 state grant in April.

The CRG in April moved from offices at 110 Decker Drive in the Crossroads Business Park to the 35,000-square-foot, former Ohm Laboratories building at 34 W. Fulton St.

About that time, state Sen. Hugh T. Farley, R-Niskayuna, announced he landed a $300,000 grant through the state budget process for the CRG to renovate its new building.

CRG President and CEO Ron Peters said Thursday that Fulton County’s top economic development agency hasn’t received funding yet.

“I’m still waiting on the draw-down process,” he said.

But Peters said CRG can hopefully get started on renovations at its new building this year.

He said the CRG is also looking at possibilities for a new company to take advantage of the space at the new building. The building is not only the new home of the CRG, but is designed to allow start-up companies to take advantage of the building. The CRG plans to create a downtown business incubator center in the building.

Ohm Laboratories moved out in fall 2011, and the CRG, with the help of Gloversville officials, negotiated to take over the facility. The CRG is occupying a small suite of offices in the west corner of the first floor of the building.

The building also has several small and large offices and warehouse spaces. The CRG created five office suites on the first floor of the building adjacent to its office. Office spaces include a single office, conference room and two-room suite and are equipped with office furniture and Internet connections.

Other spaces include an IT room, a common area for a break room, server area, second-floor work spaces, and separate rooms with cubicles. The basement of the building was formerly used as a USDA-approved clean room. There is a loading dock on the first floor, a freight elevator in the building, and a warehouse area on the second floor that has a refrigeration unit.

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