Montgomery County woman files lawsuit alleging a Canajoharie dentist performed unnecessary root canals

FONDA – A Montgomery County woman filed a lawsuit alleging a Canajoharie dentist performed unnecessary root canals on her.

Delmar attorney Lee Greenstein filed the paperwork on plaintiff Kathie Ryan’s behalf on May 20 against Dr. Martin Sorbero, a dental surgeon.

The filing in state Supreme Court in Montgomery County alleges that between Feb. 10 and June 10, 2014, Sorbero performed root canals on six of Ryan’s teeth. Ryan alleges these procedures were not warranted.

Ryan claims the six teeth in question were not fractured or abscessed and had no symptoms that would have suggested a root canal was necessary.

The claim states Ryan suffered pain and injuries due to the procedures. The filing also claims Ryan later had to have problems with some these teeth corrected by an endodontist.

The filing additionally claims veneer shells that are placed over damaged or stained teeth that were paid for were not medically warranted based on the symptoms, and a bridge implant “would not have been necessary but for the root canals, and even then, were not medically warranted.”

Ryan is seeking unspecified punitive damages in the case.

“Plaintiffs hereby put defendants on notices that the defendant’s acts and omissions, as alleged above, were of such an unjustifiable, willful and wanton nature, and so incredibly deviated from the accepted and proper medical practices and standards extant in this community, that they exhibited a gross disregard for the health, welfare and safety of the public at large, and in particular, plaintiff Kathie Ryan,” the filing states.

Sorbero said Tuesday he is unfamiliar with the lawsuit and had no comment on the case.

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