Former Sherman’s Amusement Park items estimated at more than $10K

CAROGA – The value of inventoried items in the former Sherman’s Amusement Park site have been estimated.

Kent Kirch, spokesman of the Sherman’s Advisory Committee brought Jim Law from Mohawk Cabinets through the banquet hall in August.

“It’s been good working with him,” Kirch said.

The two toured the property for three hours and estimated there could be more than $10,000 worth of equipment in the building. Law is still researching the exact figures, but was helping Kirch connect with people who may be interested in buying it. Glassware, plates and other dish items were some of the items left behind. Kirch said residents may be interested in these items as souvenirs and mentioned a town sale.

“We went back through last week and tagged everything he’s got in inventory,” Kirch said.

Kirch suggested inviting Law to attend the town meeting on Oct. 12.

“So he can tell you what’s in there and what can be done with it,” Kirch said.

Law will talk to the board about the equipment inventory and values to see if they want him to find buyers.

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