Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Vietnam Traveling Wall display attracted thousands

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s display of a national traveling memorial wall saw thousands of people visit the college.

College President Dustin Swanger said the college saw more than 4,000 people sign in during their stop at the college between Sept. 8 and 12 to see the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.

The traveling wall came to the college from the Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard, Fla., a charitable corporation formed in 1985. The college’s Veteran’s Club helped raise funds to bring the wall to FMCC.

The arrival of the wall was one of several events that occurred over a five-day period on-campus, including an official welcoming ceremony for the traveling wall.

Over the course of five days the college rededicated its on campus Vietnam Memorial, the Sept. 11 memorial on campus, featuring a piece of the North Tower, was officially unveiled, a new Perella Gallery exhibit on Sept. 11 was opened and Vietnam Veteran Gus Kappler held a special talk on his experiences during the conflict in Southeast Asia.

“I think the events this past weekend were pretty awesome,” Swanger said.

Swanger said he heard a lot of compliments from people about the events.

Board of Trustees Chairman Edmund C. Jasewicz said the events were a success for the college.

“It highlighted our college. There was a lot of great feedback from everyone,” Jasewicz said. “I think everyone involved, all the staff, all the grounds workers deserve a great big hand.”

The college has also seen increased interest in information about the campus due to a new website page.

According to the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Report, the new front to the college’s website has led to a 600 percent increase in requests for information about the college.

The college unveiled the new “front door” to the college’s website in mid-August. The new page is meant to answer potential students questions about the college and includes sections on topics such as living on campus, students life and affordability.

Today, the college will hold an official opening and ribbon cutting of the Perrella Sculpture Garden on campus at 4 p.m.

The garden snakes its way in front of the visitor parking on campus.

Chief Advancement Officer and Executive Director of the Foundation of FMCC Lesley Lanzi said artists have been hearing about the garden and seeking to get pieces installed.

Lanzi said pieces that have been donated to the college will be indicated as such on the plaques that accompany the pieces.

“Some have been bought, some have been donated,” Lanzi said.

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