Fulton-Montgomery Community Collegesecurity officers to use body cameras

GLOVERSVILLE – Public safety officers at Fulton-Montgomery Community College will be wearing body cameras.

The cameras will be issued to all officers on duty at the college starting next month.

The cameras and accompanying software were purchased for $6,000, with the cost shared equally between the college and Fulmont College Agency.

Swanger said the cameras will only be turned on when officers are dealing with a concern or speaking with someone.

“They’re not on the entire time of their shift,” Swanger said. “They’ll turn it on when they’re about to address an incident or interact with somebody. They’re not walking around filming everybody with the cameras.”

Swanger said body cameras are likely to become more common for police and campus safety officers in the future.

“I think you’re going to see New York state and other states require police and law enforcement to wear body cams,” Swanger said.

Swanger said the idea of buying body cameras came from the head of campus security.

Swanger said he sees the items as both protection for officers and for people they are interacting with.

“There was no push-back at all on this,” Swanger said.

According to the college Board of Trustees public safety report, the college will obtain six Watchguard by Vista body cameras.

The cameras are square boxes that attach to an officer’s shirt. The cameras will have a storage system for images.

Swanger said it took time to determine which cameras to select because the college wanted to ensure they would not be a hindrance to officers in the line of duty.

“There was a good bit of research into what were the best cameras for what we need,” he said.

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