Planning board approves site plans

FONDA – The Montgomery County Planning Board reviewed and approved two site plans during its meeting Thursday.

The first plan to be approved was submitted by Austin Mattice of the town of Palatine for his plumbing, heating and air conditioning service.

Mattice started construction before he realized county permission was required. The proprietor and the construction company had, however, submitted and received approvals from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the state Department of Transportation for the critical issues of drainage and curb cuts.

In consideration of the thoroughness of the preparation, the board approved the site plan with an admonition to the parties involved to insure that proper procedures would be followed in the future.

The second site plan was sent for approval by the firm Autozone which plans to construct a new store on Route 30 in the town of Amsterdam. Since the site is near to the historical Sanford Stud Farm there were initially some concerns Some board members expressed concerns the construction could infringe on the historical preservation site. Upon further review, however, that was found not to be the case and the approval of the site plan followed.

The board also recapped the action taken at its July meeting that disapproved an application for a solar energy project on Log City Road in the town of Amsterdam. The project was disapproved because it did not conform to the current zoning laws in the town. A letter sent to the corporation and the town of Amsterdam outlining the reasons for the disapproval was reviewed and found comprehensive.

Before adjournment, further discussion centered on the Planning Board’s responsibility to the communities in the county in relation to approval of these types of projects since many of those communities had little or no experience or statutes in place to deal with the new technology.

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