Tech helping district students: Received Chromebooks for class use

OPPENHEIM-Technological advances in the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District have already been a success.

Students in grades seventh through 12th received Chromebooks in the beginning of the school year.

Junior/Senior High School Principal David Slater said the Chromebooks are “running on all fours.”

“The one thing we were talking about is we can see the difference in the stuff that’s happening behind the scenes,” he said.

Students have even used the new technology in classroom debates.

“It’s been a pretty good beginning,” Slater said.

School Board Vice President Neil Clark said the Chromebooks are “fantastic.”

“[It helps] staying on top of your kids and checking their work. You can see whether it’s done or not. You can hit OESJ classroom and hit work and then you can check each individual thing,” he said.

Although the Chromebooks have not replaced textbooks completely, students will be able to access computer applications, multimedia and the Internet. Students without home Internet access have the capability to download what they are working on. The downloaded documents will automatically sync-up when they get to the building, Slater explained.

“The technology, especially in the past five, 10, years has changed the paradigm where parents are aware of the students real time progress in the classroom. You don’t have to wait for the five-week and 10-week grade reports to know how your child is doing. You don’t have to wait for the report card in the mail, parents who wish to be actively involved can know on a day-to-day basis. It’s something we need to constantly encourage parents to do, that drives the conversation over dinner when the parents are real-time informed on their kids day-to-day progress. That’s a game changer. It really creates a partnership between the school and the parents,” Superintendent David Halloran said.

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