FMCC land sale on hold

FONDA — The Montgomery County Legislature Tuesday night voted to table a resolution to sell eight acres of land in the town of Amsterdam to the Fulmont College Association for $32,000.

The land, located near Route 67 and Bendick Corners Road, is currently held in trust by Fulton and Montgomery counties for the uses and purposes of Fulton-Montgomery Community College. FMCC President Dustin Swanger asked the legislature to consider selling the property to the Fulmont College Association, the not-for-profit arm of FMCC tasked with creating student housing.

At a legislative committee meeting earlier this month, Swanger said the acres are within what he calls “the triangle” and are near to where he has proposed building the Global Village, a proposed student housing project aimed at international students. Swanger said the land transfer is connected to the Global Village plan.

“[For the] FCA to finance housing in the future, it needs to own the land, so the land is owned by the counties, so we’re asking you to approve [the transfer],” Swanger said.

Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort Tuesday night said there were still a number of unresolved issues with the Global Village plan, which led him to conclude the counties should put the land transfer on hold for now.

“There are just some things that needed to be worked out between the two counties. We had a meeting recently about the project and we decided to wait,” Ossenfort said. “Quite frankly, the Global Village project is a big project and it requires a whole host of issues, including water and sewer and that still needs to be worked out as well as some of the particulars of the project on FMCC’s side.”

In September the city of Johnstown, under former-interim mayor Cindy Lakata, recinded a water-supply agreement for FMCC that would have supplied 40,000 gallons per day to the Global Village.

Ossenfort said he believes both county governments support the Global Village concept, but water and sewer services need to be worked out before the land transfer is approved.

“I think there’s broad support for the land transfer, there’s no doubt about that, but when that happens is the question at hand,” he said. “Until the project is kicked off, do we really need to do this right now? [That’s why] we decided to put this on hold for now.”

By Patricia Older

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